What is The Natural Wine Company?

The Natural Wine Company is a wine club and online shop, founded by Alfredo Lopez of Natural Wine Distribution and the team behind Apartamento, based in Barcelona, Spain. As a business, it grew out of a long friendship and the many bottles of wine that brought us all around the table night after night. Trips to visit winemakers and long conversations inevitably grew out of that, and T.N.W.C. was started as a way to keep learning and sharing this process with a growing community of friends and wine-lovers, both old and new.

Who are Natural Wine Distribution and Apartamento?

Natural Wine Distribution is a natural wine import/export business focused on exporting European wine overseas and importing New World wines to Europe. Apartamento is both a publishing house, producing the award-winning magazine Apartamento and an expanding series of books focused on food, design, architecture, and photography, and a creative consultancy working with international clients spanning the design, fashion, and lifestyle industries.

Why natural wine then?

At a minimum, all of the wines we ship are farmed organically, some producers adhere to biodynamics, and all err on the side of a hands-off approach to winemaking, to allow the fullest possible expression of the grape. ‘Natural wine’ isn’t a defined term, but this is the premise on which we work and the space in which we’ve found the best possible wines!

Do you have a physical shop?

Not at the moment, but you never know as we get further into our wine journey. If you are interested in working together, on a special pop-up or hosting us within your walls, please be in touch.

I have one more question!

Sure, we are always happy to make new friends and hear from new winemakers; our door is always open for anyone who has suggestions, feedback, or ideas to bring to the table.


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