Shipping & delivery

Where do you ship, and how much does it cost?

We ship from our headquarters in Barcelona to 30 countries (so far). To simplify, we’ve worked hard to narrow things down to an easy pricing structure that’s based on three zones for any box of up to six bottles.

Zone 1

Spain Peninsula, Portugal

Zone 2

France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Andorra, Vatican, San Marino, Monaco, Balearic Islands, Liechtenstein

Zone 3

Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

If your country is not yet on the list it’s because we couldn’t include it yet in our shipping zones, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to receive a personalised shipping quote.

Does shipping change if I order more than a box?

We currently only charge by the box; therefore, if you buy two or more boxes the shipping fees will change accordingly.

I am a wine club member, when does my monthly box ship?

For wine club information, please refer to the dedicated page.

I am only buying a box, does it also come with your wine notes?

Correct, each one of our boxes comes with its own set of wine notes, our own personal reflections on the bottles we send.

How long will it take to get my order?

All orders are dispatched within five business days of the date they’re made. We usually ship between Mondays and Wednesdays (depending on the month and bank holidays) in order to minimise the amount of time your wine spends in transit. As we ship by road, on average it takes between two and five business days to receive your box, depending on the distance it needs to travel from our base in Barcelona. For remote or rural areas, it could take a day or two more.

Note: due to COVID-19, all couriers are seeing an extra strain on their distribution networks. Therefore, in some exceptional cases, it may take one or two extra business days, but it’s not usually the norm.

Is my order trackable?

Yes, once your order has been picked and registered by our courier service you shall receive an email with a tracking link, where you can follow the shipment progress. Additionally you might receive further information directly from the local courier partner when your box is on its way. These usually come one day prior to delivery or within the same day of delivery. If you still have any tracking related questions, or no emails are sent to you – please remember to check you spam – get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you.

What kind of packaging do you use?

We’ve put a lot of effort into sourcing the best certified packaging to protect your wine bottles while they’re in transit. Our packaging is also 100% recyclable and can be flattened easily once taken apart. Please be mindful and recycle our boxes if you can’t reuse them for other purposes.

I am sending a box as a gift, can you include a note?

Yes, we can! We kindly ask that you write exactly what you’d like to say in the dedicated comment field at check-out. Otherwise we can’t guarantee it will be included.

My box arrived damaged and a bottle broke. Help!

Damaged boxes very rarely happen. However, if a breakage does occur, please make a note with the delivery person for the damaged box, and then send us an email with details and photos so that we can resolve the issue immediately. And don’t worry! We will send you a replacement for the broken bottle/s.

What happens if I am not home when the courier attempts delivery?

Sometimes, the courier company will attempt to deliver your wine when no one is home and no neighbor / building attendant / etc. is able to receive the package for you. In this case, the courier company will take your wine to a nearby parcel center. You will normally have about 2 weeks to organize pickup from the parcel center. During this period, the courier company will be in touch with you via email and/or SMS with all necessary instructions. If you are unable to organize pickup of your wine from the local parcel center during the established period, the wine will be sent back to us at our warehouse in Barcelona. If this happens, we will send it back to you and bill you for a 2nd shipping charge, as we want you to get your wine!

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